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Hazard Manager Solo

Hazard Manager Solo

Hazard Manager Solo

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Hazard Manager is a workplace inspection application, that allows you to automate the entry, configuration, and export of hazard points recorded on your workplace floor plan jpeg that you upload via i-tunes.

Hazard Manager enables factory managers to automate the management of hazards for workplace safety inspection agency requirements, and can be used in conjunction with CAD, GIS, and database systems through the export of hazard data as .csv files.

Although Hazard Manager is intended primarily for workspace inspections, it can be used with any type of map or image to produce spatially referenced data points for export to other systems.

Monthly inspections are now saved for 24 months backward, and one month forward from the current inspection month.

-Prepare an image of your workplace floorplan, in jpg format, at a resolution of no greater than 1200 by 1200 pixels.
-Name your floor plan "floorplan.jpg"
-Connect your iPad to your computer, and select it in iTunes.
-Under the Apps tab, look for the Haz Man icon in the file sharing section at the bottom of the screen
-Click on the Haz Man icon, and then click 'Add...' and select the file you prepared
-Use Hazard Manager to record hazard information each month by tapping locations on your floor plan
-At regular intervals, use the 'Export' function to email the recorded hazard information to the appropriate people in .csv format.


Hazard Manager is a work in progress - please send all questions, comments, and suggestions to chris@osb.ca .