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Grouper for Facebook

Grouper for Facebook

Grouper for Facebook

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Untangle your Facebook feed! View entries by the groups you care about, such as close friends, family and colleagues. Securely post updates and photos to specific groups.

Grouper started as an experiment to see if better organizing Facebook into groups changed the way we used it. It turns out that it made a big difference! Grouper let us connect just with the people we care about, separately, and ignore the ones we don't.


★ Use Automatic Groups ★

Facebook creates groups for you automatically for close friends, family, school friends and work colleagues. These groups can be easily managed in Grouper or Facebook.

★ View by Groups ★

Grouper organizes your news feed by specific groups, so that you can catch up with your friend and family one group at a time. Never again will your grandmother's updates get drowned out by "social overload".

★ Post Updates and Photos Securely to Groups ★

When you post an update, you can easily specify one or more groups to share the update with. This way, no one but people inside those groups can see your update or look at the photo.

Now when you're on vacation you can send Mom appropriate updates, as well as updates just to your college friends.

★ Open Links and Videos in App ★

You can open links to articles, images or videos shared by your friends directly within Grouper, so you don't need to switch applications.


Please email us if you run into any problems at grouper@netorion.com and we will reply as soon as possible. Also, don't be shy with your feedback on how we could improve Grouper!