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Blood Strike 3D

Blood Strike 3D

Blood Strike 3D

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DeveloperD Markovic




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Supported LanguagesEnglish



Blood Strike 3D is an advanced modern first person shooting (FPS) game with amazing 3D graphics and live gripping action game play. Specially designed for the iPhone and iPad device, optimized for touch control devices, you will not be disappointed with this brand new style of FPS game play.

The game is challenging and completing the goal will not be easy. Advance from level to level by locating special card keys to open gates and new areas. A army of bad guys will try and stop you from achieving your goals, there is special AI spawns, multi guns, bosses, and even mad dogs that will attack, nothing more fun then firing your weapon at them.

We have also included free for all level: "Dog Zombies" so you can just release some stress by firing away and watching them fall to the ground one by one.

° Advanced first person shooting game
° Compatible with most iPhone device / No lag (30+fps)
° Live in play voice chat between characters
° Realistic sounds and music for adrenaline
° Mission objectives & Radar map positioning
° Attack advanced AI enemy with clever tactics
° Multi choice of weapons to aid player (Sniper Zoom)
° Free for all Zombie Dog mode
° Proper touch controls (no complexity)

°Once again full controls, not like other FPS games which do not work well with touch.

Designed for iOS 7. Compatible with iOS 6.

We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible so if you have any problems, comments or feedback, please email us directly at esquiredx@gmail.com, We love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.