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Fresh Reversi – Othello Like Strategy and Logic Board Game

Fresh Reversi – Othello Like Strategy and Logic Board Game

Fresh Reversi – Othello Like Strategy and Logic Board Game

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232,566 people around the Glob already playing in the Fresh Reversi, now it's your turn!

Reversi is a great board game. By playing in Fresh Reversi you train your strategic thinking, logic, and become smarter with each new batch. A bright and stylish retina graphics and sort background music will bring an unforgettable experience of the game.


Fresh Reversi is a board game for two people on board 8×8 cells.
Original game was invented in the UK in 1883, for some times during the game was forgotten until it was revived in Japan under a different name. Since 1977, all over the world are regularly held world championships of the game in USA, France, Japan, Italy, Netherlands.


Game starts with two black and two white stones placed on the gameboard. The Black stones move first. Each player moves by turn, placing his stone by the enemy stone. All of the enemy stones, that were between placed stone and old, already on board, stones will be repainted to the player colour. If there is no chance to jump over enemy's stones, you skip the move. Winner is the one who have more stones of his colour.


As long as round going, as much bones are on the table and game is getting harder. Each wrong move can lead to the defeat in the end of the round, that's why you need to analyse every step you make. Your tactical task is to occupy the corner positions. If you are given this positions to your opponent, you losing your win chances.


• One
• Two (hotseat)
• Online game with a friend (by Game Center)
• Online game with random player (by Game Center)


• Beautiful game and music design
• Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty
• Black hole mode
• Gameplay with or without hints
• Various start positions
• Detailed statistics
• No In-App Purchases
• Online game through Game Center

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