2017-09-19 73
Inks - A Game Developed by Heart

Inks was developed by State of Play Games. Their masterpiece Lume and Lumino City gained a high reputation in the game industry. So, once Inks was developed people are focus on it. It also list in the candidate of best games.

2017-09-15 287
Hello Kitty Themed Games

Today I will introduce you three games which related to Hello Kitty. I don't think girls can resist the attraction of these cute things.

2017-09-13 209
Push & Pop - A Music Feast

Push and Pop is an challenging arcade puzzle game, released by Rocky Hong on September 5th, 2017.

Zlatan Legends - Not a football player anymore

This game is a Sci-fi theme arcade sports game. The protagonist is Zlatan Ibrahimović, but this time he is not a footballs player anymore. He is a superhero who has superpowers.

2017-09-07 453
Noblemen 1896 - Fire a gun!

Nowadays Foursaken Media released a new game - Noblemen 1896. This is a hybrid strategy and third-person shooter game, with the unity 3D engine this game will bring you to the real battleground.

2017-09-04 380
Flip Master - A real trampoline game

Flip Master is a trampoline game. It simulates a real trampoline scene in this game. 3-D characters and scene made you feel you are a real trampoline athlete.

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