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Bike Race - Top Motorcycle Racing Games Review

Bike Race - Top Motorcycle Racing Games

Version: 7.3.9 Size: 110.04M

Bike Race Review —— a very popular racing game with more than 100million users

Bike Race is a very popular racing game with more than 100million users in different country. It's designed by Top Free Games. 

Bike Race

Bike Race2

You can touch your screen to drive your bike along the track. You can challenge hundreds of interesting tracks. You can also tilt your device to control your bike. It' simple but not easy. You must earn stars to unlock new levels.

Bike Race3

Bike Race4

Bike Race have two modes single mode and multiplayer mode. You can challenge your friends on your Facebook or challenge friend random. Bike Race have 10 world like desert, arctic, dunes, hills, beach and savanna. You can choose one you like. 

Bike Race5

screen406x722 (2).jpeg

Bike Race6

If you want to try this interesting racing game, you can download Bike Race at appsodo.


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