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If The Floor is Lava, You must jump fast.

When you run into your living room and was surprised to find that floor of your living room is lava, what would you do to survive yourself? Recently, there is a challenge named The Floor is Lava that was based on the adventures and videos of two friends in the United Kingdom who surprised each other with statements like that. And many of challengers were running around to find a height. Their reaction were so funny and I can't help to laugh.  

The Floor Is Lava


Besides challenge The Floor is Lava, there is a game also named The Floor is Lava. The story line is same. You are in a living room that consist of desks, beds, chairs, end tables and short cabinets. And suddenly, floor is filled with lava. You must run fast and jump from a chair to a bed or form a bed to a short cabinet. Keeping running and jumping as long as possible, even though the floor can turn into hot lava. 

game The Floor Is Lava


The Floor is Lava is Ketchapp's addictive game. In the game, you goal is simple. Keep running and jumping across living room and to get high scores as far as possible. Getting high scores are never easy in any game, the same as The Floor is Lava. I watched following video and thought the game is not so easy to win. However, it makes me addicted.

Wrote by Noral on June 19th.


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