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9 Common iOS 10 Problems and How to Fix Them

9 Common iOS 10 Problems and How to Fix Them

By Vincent on Jun 16,2017

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iOS 10 delivers new features to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For example, it enables you to unload some certain default-installed apps to save more storage of the device. However, it brings some problems as well. This article will show you 9 commonest iOS 10 issues and their solutions. If you run into iOS 10 problems unfortunately, read this article carefully and learn how to fix it.

1.      iOS 10 Update Bricks iPhone or iPad

Many users who updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 10 system encounter with the issue that iDevice turns to brick after upgrading to iOS 10, which ends up with a connect to iTunes screen. Apple has already acknowledged the issue and fixed it to prevent further issues. But if you’ve already been stuck at the issue, you need to follow the guide below to fix it:

How to Fix iPhone/iPad Turns to Brick after iOS 10 Update?

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2.      Battery Draining Quickly

Battery out quickly is the commonest issue that users report after updating to iOS firmware. iOS 10 still fails to resolve it. So far, there is no quick fix to this problem. But we still can do something minor settings to extend iOS 10 battery life.

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3.      Bluetooth Not Working Properly

Some users reported that Bluetooth randomly fails to connect or connect to a car accessory. As for this issue, you can fix it by resetting the network settings.

Step 1. Open “Settings > General > Reset” on your iOS 10 device.


Step 2. Tap on “Reset Network Settings” and confirm it.


With this method, all the network settings of your iDevice turn back to the factory defaults, which fixes Bluetooth connection issue in most cases.

4.      iMessage Effects Not Working

iMessage Effects are one of the cool new feature of iOS 10 brings to us. It makes it interesting to communicate with friends using Message apps. But many users report that they cannot send iMessage effects or view the effects sent by friends after updating to iOS 10. This issue is fixed by disabling Reduce Motion.


5.      Issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Another common issue is that iOS 10 randomly fails to connect the nearby network or disconnect to a connected network. As for this problem, follow steps below:

Step 1. Go to “Settings > General > Reset” on your iOS 10 device.


Step 2. Tap on “Reset Network Settings” and confirm it.


6.      iOS 10 Touchscreen Problems

Some iOS 10 users complain that their device’s screen stops responding when they tap and wipe the screen. Actually, this issue persists on iOS device for a long time. Just hold down the power button and home button at the same time to reboot your device. If it still doesn’t work, try it again. Generally, you need to reboot your device for three times to fix the issue.

7.      Touch ID Not Working in the App Store

Can’t purchase in App Store using touch ID after updating to iOS 10? You are not the only one who faced with this issue. To fix this issue, try to turn off and turn on Touch ID & Passcode function in iTunes & App Store again.

Step 1. Go to “Settings > Touch ID & Passcode” on your iOS 10 device.


Step 2. Turn off “iTunes & App Store” and reboot the device.


Step 3. Then go to “Touch ID & Passcode” in Settings again to turn on “iTunes & App Store”.


8.      Mail App Can’t Receive Emails

Some users complain that mail app on iOS 10 device can’t receive emails or says that the password entered is incorrect even though the password actually is right. To resolve this issue, you just need to remove the email account and add it again.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” on the device and scroll down to choose “Mail”.

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Step 2. Tap on “Accounts” and find the account that can’t has the issue. Tap on the account and scroll down to “Sign Out” it.


Step 3. Go back to the “Accounts” list, tap “Add Account” to add the account again.

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9.      Installed Apps Crash

A small number of users report that apps installed on their device start crashing after updating to iOS 10. To prevent this happening, you can try below:

Step 1. Make sure all apps on your device have been updated to the latest version.


Step 2. Uninstall the app and reinstall it.


Above are 9 iOS 10 problems that users complain most. Hope this article can help you.