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What to Do If We Forgot iPhone Passcode

What to Do If We Forgot iPhone Passcode

By Noral on Jun 15,2017

Most iPhone users may set passcode as a front gate of an iPhone because of so many important daily uses such as banking, business, online shopping on our iPhone. Therefore setting a passcode is absolutely necessary. However, there is often a time or situation when the passcode is not functioning or just because you forget it.


Here’re a few steps for you to get your iPhone and all your information back when your phone is locked for the passcode error.


1. Try Any Recent Passcodes

Usually, you may forget your passcode because you changed it recently and you just are typing the old one. If this is the case and your phone is currently restricted due to too many times of try, just wait for it to refresh and try your new passcode. Ensuring that the code has not been physically changed is a good first step before jumping to any fixes.



2. Restore to Previous Backup

If the passcode error just happened, what you should do is to restore the device with iTunes or iCloud to load a previous backup from the computer.

If you are using iCloud to backup, you may have a fresh backup from the last 24 hours or so you could attempt to use. If you use iTunes, which also logs backups by date, you can just check for a date you are sure the passcode was working if you have back up with your computer.


If you are able to get into the device after restoring to a previous backup, you should ensure that you make another backup soon now that the device is functioning again.


3. Restore Phone

The only way to resolve a passcode if any previous methods have failed is to completely restore the unit. This is how to resolve a locked device. By plugging the phone into iTunes using Recovery mode, the unit can be restored to reset the unit without needing the passcode. All data will be lost and not recoverable.        


The importance of backing up your iPhone information is evident in the times when the phone may need to be restored for a reason such as this.\

Using iCloud or iTunes on a consistent basis will always help you when your phone needs to have its data erased or is stolen or lost.